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Pixact delivers online measurement technology for the
real-time analysis of industrial process suspensions

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Pixact provides online measurement solutions for industrial particle, droplet and bubble analysis. Our measurement systems are developed for the demanding conditions of industrial processes, involving dark and dense suspensions, and high flow rates.

The measurements are typically conducted in real process conditions: in pipelines, reactors, tanks and other process equipment. Our measurement systems can also be equipped with sampling and dilution units.

Particle-laden flows are common in many branches of the process industry. Whether the particles are impurities in the raw material or the outcome of the synthesis in the process, their online analysis plays a vital role in the control and optimization of processes.

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Industrial processes including either bubble suspensions with low air content or foams with high air content often benefit from the tracking and optimization of gas distribution in the suspension. Data on bubble size distribution helps in adjusting e.g. mixing parameters to improve product quality.

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In the crystallization process, the efficiency and yield of the process are determined by the crystal-forming characteristics of the substance that is to be separated from the suspension. The final size and morphology of the crystals are important for the recovery process, as narrow size distribution supports efficient filtration.

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Droplets are present in various liquid-liquid systems such as emulsions in mass-transfer and mixing processes. The control of droplet size distribution is crucial for optimal process performance. Droplet size distribution is also an essential parameter in sprays used for coating and the application of additives.   

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Industrial Parts


Pixact measurement systems can benefit a number of industries. The pulp and paper industry and industrial crystallization provide concrete examples of the ways in which the Pixact technology can be utilized.

Pixact applications in the Pulp & Paper industry extend from the early stages of pulping process to the monitoring water treatment in a paper mill. 

Our online measurement systems replace laboratory analyses with online monitoring and enhance process control with detailed measurement data.

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Pixact Crystallization Monitoring technology can be used for the real-time monitoring of both continuous and batchwise crystallization processes. Detailed data on crystal growth and concentration enable accurate process control for optimal yield and crystal size distribution.

In addition to the crystallization phase, Pixact technology can be utilized in other unit operations in industrial crystallization, such as detection of impurities in the feed liquor and analysis of filtration performance.        

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Key features of Pixact measurement systems include:

  • High-quality online microscopy images straight from the production line

  • Detailed analysis (size, shape & color) and classification of detected particles and other dispersed phase elements

  • Robust measurement concept for 24/7 industrial online monitoring

  • Unique performance in dark and/or dense multi-phase suspensions

  • Modular design with customizable features

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With Pixact technology you can increase the yield and capacity of your process and minimize quality variations in the final product.

PCM 01.jpg
Droplet size trend


In addition to delivering complete measurement solutions, we support our customers in the introduction of new measurement technology into their processes from the evaluation phase to the mill-scale roll-out.

Our commitment is to build partnerships with our customers.


To guarantee a fast and efficient start-up and take-over of the Pixact measurement system, we provide comprehensive installation, start-up and commissioning services.


We provide development services for customers that require custom measurement solutions. Depending on the customer's needs, the hardware, software (user interface) and analysis modules can all be tailored to meet specific requirements.


Our measurement services are intended for pre-studies and short measurement campaigns either at the customer's facilities or in the Pixact lab. The measurements are performed by Pixact engineers and the results are reported to the customer.

Equipment rental is suitable for longer measurement campaigns carried out at the customer's facilities. The service includes the installation and start-up of the rental equipment.


To promote the continuous operation of Pixact measurement systems, we offer several types of after sales services. Depending on the level of the services, the service package may include on-demand remote connection to the measurement system for support and troubleshooting, 24/7 remote monitoring of the system operation, regular service visits with replacement of critical system components, and fast delivery of critical spare parts. 



Our measurement systems are built following a modular concept. The Pixact measurement systems consist of an imaging unit – a Pixscope probe or a Pixcell flow-through cuvette – and a Pixstation main unit or a laptop computer running the Pixact measurement software. Application-specific analysis modules can be combined with any type of imaging unit.

In addition to the standard configurations, we provide several optional features for our measurement systems:

  • Automation interfaces

  • Portable assembly

  • Washing systems for the optical windows of the imaging unit

  • Automatic sample dilution units

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The Pixcell flow-through cuvette can be installed on process lines and dedicated sampling lines.

Pixcell measurement cuvette

The Pixscope probe can be installed on reactors, vessels and tanks.

Pixscope measurement probe
Pixstation main unit

A local display can be included in the Pixstation main unit.



Examples of Pixact measurement systems and process suspensions measured with Pixact technology



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