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Main features of the Pixact measurement systems

  • High-quality online microscopy images straight from the production line

  • Unique performance in dark and/or dense multi-phase suspensions

  • Detailed analysis (size, shape & color) and classification of detected particles and other dispersed phase elements

  • Measurement of particles starting from a few microns

  • Fully automated image analysis algorithms processing several images per second and producing real-time measurement data for process control

  • Flexible reporting tools (including Microsoft Excel reports) and comprehensive automation interface (OPC-UA, Profibus, mA, etc.)


Pixact measurement systems provide a multitude of beneficial features that help you to control and optimize your process. With Pixact technology you can increase the yield and capacity of your process and minimize quality variations in the final product.

Pixact test example
Dark emulsion sample
Pixact engineer at work with a dense and dark mineral suspension
Pharmaceutical factory worer
Pixcell cabinet in action

Pixact technology can be benefitted from in:

​​Robust measurement concept for 24/7 industrial online monitoring

  • Low-maintenance design, no moving parts

  • Durable sapphire windows

  • Washing nozzle for the windows

Modular design with customizable features

  • Customizable analysis modules and features

  • Adapter flanges and tailor-made designs for fitting Pixact systems into existing inlets

  • Optical magnification and measurement resolution can be optimized for the application

Pilot scale

  • Using the same tools from the laboratory to pilot-scale streamlines in scale-up work

  • Producing detailed measurement data to optimize process parameters and control schemes

Laboratory and R&D work

  • Understanding fundamental process phenomena and reaction mechanisms

  • Acquiring detailed measurement data supporting the development of new formulations, recipes and processes

  • Analysis of manually collected samples

Production and mill scale

  • Visual examination of the process suspension with a live camera view

  • Providing detailed, real-time measurement data for process control

  • Replacing manual sampling and analysis procedures in quality control

  • Analyzing process variations with online measurements

  • Documenting and reporting of the production quality

  • Benchmarking recipes, reactors, process lines, sites, etc. to promote Best Practice Methods

  • Providing means for troubleshooting

  • Collection a production database to help with troubleshooting in case of disturbances

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