The Pixact Bubble Monitoring (PBM) system is designed for the online analysis of bubble suspensions and foams in industrial processes. The measurement is based on the direct optical imaging of the suspension combined with advanced image analysis. The images of the suspension are processed in real time with powerful analysis algorithms for statistics such as bubble size distribution and its derived values, including mean bubble size, standard deviation, the Sauter mean diameter and parameters of cumulative distribution (D10, D50, D90, etc.).


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Two configuration options are available for PBM: the Pixcell flow-through cuvette for installation on process lines or dedicated sampling lines and the Pixscope probe for installation in reactors and tanks.


The PBM technology can be used for measuring both foams with high air content and bubble suspensions with lower air content. The foundation of PBM is the live image view of the suspension, which provides the operator with valuable visual information on the process.

The proprietary image analysis algorithms of the measurement system detect bubbles and other particles in the image data and produce detailed real-time numerical information on their characteristics and other suspension properties.

Measurement results produced by PBM include

  • Bubble size distribution and related statistics, such as Arithmetic, Sauter and volumetric mean diameter, and percentiles of cumulative distribution (D10, D50, D90, etc.)

  • Bubble count

  • Bubble concentration

  • Bubble flow velocity



A Pixscope DN32 imaging unit was installed on the reactor inlet of an oxygen delignification tower at a pulp mill to monitor and optimize the process. Images of the suspension were captured with a front light setup and analyzed by the Pixact software. The system was successfully used to test the effects of changes in the key parameters of the process on gas dispersion, an important factor in pulp delignification.



  • Analysis of flotation cell performance

  • Analysis of aeration and other mass transfer processes

  • Analysis of foam properties and homogeneity

  • Detection of gas in the process stream


A Pixact Bubble Monitoring system equipped with a Pixcell flow-through cuvette was delivered to a customer producing packaging for electronics. The measurement system is installed on a movable frame with a local touch screen display. The pulp used as material for the packaging is imaged in the cuvette with a transillumination setup, after which the images are analyzed to generate data for optimizing the production process and controlling product quality.

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