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Diesel droplets
Emulsion droplets

The Pixact Droplet Monitoring (PDM) technology is designed for the online analysis of droplets and emulsions in industrial processes. The technology combines direct optical imaging with advanced image analysis techniques.

PDM provides a live camera view of the suspension and detailed real-time measurement data on droplet characteristics, such as droplet size distribution and concentration. The PDM technology can be used for measuring both suspensions with a low concentration of the dispersed phase elements and emulsions with equal mixture ratio.

Two configuration options are available: the Pixcell flow-through cuvette for installation on process lines and sampling lines and the Pixscope probe for installation in reactors and tanks.

The measurement information on the droplet size and suspension homogeneity helps you to optimize, control and troubleshoot your process. With PDM you can increase the yield and efficiency of your process and minimize quality variations in the final product.

Droplet graph

See Benefits for customer reviews and benefits provided by the Pixact systems.

See Products for details on the technology utilized in the Pixact systems.

Droplet graph

The measurement is based on the direct optical imaging of the suspension with a high-magnification camera system. The proprietary image analysis algorithms are used to detect the droplets and produce detailed real-time numerical information on their characteristics and other suspension properties. The live camera view of the droplets provides you with valuable visual information on your process.


Measurement results produced by PDM include

  • Droplet size distribution and related statistics, such as arithmetic, Sauter and volumetric mean diameters and percentiles of size distribution (D10, D50, D90, etc.)

  • Droplet count

  • Droplet concentration

  • Droplet flow velocity

  • Suspension turbidity



Droplet size distribution is a key parameter in optimizing mass-transfer between the phases in a liquid-liquid system. Real-time information on the droplet size distribution is used to control mixer speed and component feed to the reactor to adjust the droplet size.


The droplets are measured at different operating points and distances from the nozzle and the cone center line. The measurement data is used as an input for CFD modelling.

Spray droplet system
Spray droplets
Pixscope DN65 measurment probe
Emulsion droplets
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