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The Pixact Crystallization Monitoring system has been designed for the visualization and analysis of crystals in industrial processes, such as sweeteners, fine chemicals, chemical recovery and active pharmaceutical ingredients. In industrial crystallization a narrow distribution of crystal size is often critical to achieve optimal yield. The PCM system recognizes the crystals in the suspension and provides real-time data on their properties, such as:

  • Number of crystals

  • Size-related statistics

    • Mean size

    • Size distribution

    • D10, D50, D90, etc.

  • Crystal growth rate

  • Crystal morphology

The PCM technology can be applied to both batchwise and continuous crystallization. In batchwise crystallization the system provides means for comparing batches and pans as well as identifying variables that can be controlled for better batch-to-batch repeatability. In continuous crystallization the data produced by PCM makes it possible to react quickly to changes in the crystal population.

The PCM hardware consists of an imaging unit and a main unit. The imaging unit is selected based on the properties of the installation location: a Pixscope probe for installation on pans and reactors and a Pixcell cuvette for installation on pipelines. The main unit houses the measurement computer, automation interface and other electrical components of the system.

An operator station can be connected to the main unit to display a microscope quality live view of the crystal suspension along with real-time measurement results and time trends. The software also communicates with the factory DCS to transmit measurement data and other information.

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