Pixact Stock Monitoring (PSM)

The PSM system is designed for the analysis of particles and other impurities in fibrous suspensions, such as pulp. The imaging unit includes a Pixcell flow-through cuvette, which is installed directly on the process line, and a Pixscope 140-FL camera and illumination module mounted on the sight glass of the cuvette. The imaging unit captures high quality images of the process suspension with a front illumination setup. Our powerful analysis algorithms process the data to generate detailed measurement results on the features of the process suspension. Read more here.

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PBM in packaging production

A recent increase in the sales of Pixact Bubble Monitoring systems has provided us with new application examples in packaging production. These processes use foamy materials, such as pulp, that is then poured into moulds to form packaging for e.g. electronics. Careful monitoring of the properties of the foam helps to optimize and control the process for higher product quality. Read more about Pixact Bubble Monitoring to find out if our measurement systems could also benefit you or ask for a quote at


​International sales

Despite the closed borders and travel restrictions of 2020, we extended our operations to several new countries, including India, Japan and Uruguay, last year. The global pandemic meant that instead of our usual start-up procedure at the customer’s facilities we had to develop new practices to guide our customers through the installation process remotely. We now have a selection of tools at hand to help us serve our customers all over the world.

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​New promotional video

We have published a brand new promotional video summarizing Pixact's mission: Visualise – Analyse – Optimise. You can watch it on YouTube.


​New Pixscope probes

At the start of last year we launched our new Pixscope 24-300 probe. The slim design is ideal for installation on inlets and ports with a small diameter, as the tip of the probe is just 24.0 mm wide. Accompanied by our most compact Pixstation LAB main unit the Pixscope 24-300 probe is perfect for laboratory systems and small reactors. The probe has received a warm welcome from our customers and was one of our best-selling products in 2020. In 2021 the development work continues, as we plan to add a 19-mm probe to our selection.

Foam monitoring_LAB.jpg

Pixact Foam Monitoring

After a successful demo campaign, we delivered a Pixact Foam Monitoring system to Ireland. The system is based on the Pixcell flow-through cuvette technology and optimized for use in laboratory environments. The system analyzes the customer's foamy end-product and gathers data for R&D purposes.