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Pixact measurement systems are based on the direct optical imaging of process suspensions in pipelines, reactors and tanks. The image acquisition is followed by image analysis with proprietary algorithms to detect dispersed phase elements, such as particles, bubbles and crystals. As a result, detailed statistics for these elements, including size, shape, velocity and color, are obtained.

Our measurement systems are built following a modular concept. The Pixact measurement systems consist of an imaging unit – a Pixscope probe or a Pixcell flow-through cuvette – and a Pixstation main unit running the Pixact measurement software. Application-specific analysis modules can be combined with any type of imaging unit.

Modular Pixact concept

Imaging unit

Pixstation main unit

Pixact measurement software

Application-specific analysis modules



The Pixscope SG is a front light version of the Pixscope probe. The Pixscope SG is non-invasive, as it is installed on the sight glass of a reactor or pipeline. Thus, the probe is not in direct contact with the suspension. The images of the suspension are captured through the sight glass.



The Pixscope probe can be installed in reactors, vessels and tanks. The tip of the probe is submersed into the suspension. The images are captured as the suspension flows through the measurement gap in the tip using a transillumination setup. The Pixscope probe requires a DN25 or larger fitting. Custom adapters can be delivered for existing inlets.

The Pixscope probes are available in various* dimensions:

  • Various wet-part diameters are available, starting from 19 mm

  • Length of the wet-part varies between 50-300mm. 

  • Width of the measurement gap 3/5/10mm (fixed, not adjustable)

* Check from your Pixact represantive valid combinations of the wet-part lenth and diameter



The Pixcell flow-through cuvette can be installed on process lines and dedicated sampling lines. The suspension is fed through the cuvette where images of the suspension are captured using transillumination.

Several standard flow inlet/outlet sizes are available:

  • DN06 (1/8")

  • DN08 (1/4")

  • DN10 (3/8")

  • DN15 (1/2")

  • DN25 (1")

  • DN50 (2")


Custom sizes are available on request.

Pixcell meaurement cuvette
Pixscope measurement probe
Pixscope FL measurement probe


In addition to the standard configurations, we provide several optional features for our measurement systems.

​Dilution unit


The Pixact measurement systems can be equipped with an automatic sample dilution unit. The dilution ratio can be either fixed or variable (1:10-1:100). The sample is prepared in a sample tank, where the sample is mixed with the diluter (e.g. water, oil). After the sample has been diluted, it is fed automatically to the Pixact measurement system. The dilution unit is washed after each sample.

Pixcell measurement cuvette with a dilution unit

ATEX certification


ATEX certification is available for measurement systems that will be used in explosive atmospheres.

Pixscope probe washing nozzle

Portable measurement systems

For easy operation in varying sampling locations and temporary measurement needs, selected Pixact measurement systems can be delivered as portable versions. The imaging head corresponds to the ones used for fixed installation (Pixcell or Pixscope), but the Pixstation main unit is replaced with a smaller power supply and a laptop computer. The measurement system is fitted in a rugged case for maximal mobility. The portable version of the Pixcell flow-through cuvette is designed so that the sample inlet and outlet are connected to terminals on the case wall. The portable version of the Pixscope imaging unit is only transported in the case, and the probe is installed on the reactor similarly to the fixed version.

​Washing of optical windows


An automatically operated washing nozzle is available for all Pixcell cuvettes and Pixscope probes larger than DN65. The nozzle is used to direct a powerful water jet to the optical windows. If water cannot be used for cleaning, other fluids and mixtures with detergents can be chosen.

Pixact Portable Measurement System

Automation interface


All Pixact ONLINE measurement systems can be built to communicate with the customer's automation system via the Pixstation I/O modules. The Pixact measurement systems support a wide range of automation interfaces, including OPC-UA, Profibus and analog I/O (mA/V).

CX9000 automation interface
ATEX enclosure.jpg


The Pixact software is an all-in-one tool for analyzing and reporting measurement data. The software controls the entire measurement procedure from data acquisition to the reporting of results. Depending on the customer's preferences, it can be used as either a fully automated online measurement software or an effective R&D tool with access to all necessary settings as well as manually controlled data acquisition and analysis.

Several application-dependent analysis modules are available for the Pixact software

  • Pixact Particle Analysis

  • Pixact Crystallization Analysis

  • Pixact Bubble Analysis

  • Pixact Agglomeration Analysis



Live view and image recording

  • Automatic camera control for optimized image quality in varying process conditions

  • Adjustable image refresh rate

  • Zoom and pause controls for the live view

  • Continuous image recording capabilities for later inspection and analysis with time stamps (.jpg, .tig, .png or .bmp)

Powerful analysis algorithms

  • High-performance image analysis algorithms for producing real-time quantitative measurement data

  • Several in-house developed image analysis modules available

  • Customized analysis features available on request


Flexible reporting tools

  • Storage of the image data on hard drives or in the cloud

  • Measurement reports in Excel or .csv format created manually or automatically with regular time intervals or other conditions

  • Database of measurement results

  • Transmission of results to an external data collection (systems equipped with an automation interface)

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